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The Separatists

Hans Gauger - guitar, vox

Tom Frish - keys, vox

Adam Kallio - bass, vox, engineering

Paul Hardie - drums, time warps


Released March 3, 2018
The Separatists Band Waves Album Art

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Dolorian Voluptas

Escaping his dusty youth on Mars in a stolen gyro-rocket, Dolorian's travails are unbound by time as his ship orbits Neptune for 400 years while he dreams in hypersleep... Stay tuned for the long awaited album "Dolorian Voluptas, A Space Opera.

  • "Launch"
  • "Storms of Jupiter"
  • "Image the Wanderer"
  • "Corderoy Blazer"
  • "Aztec Gold"
  • "Wake of Larissa"
  • "..."
The Separatists Band Space Opera

"Image the Wanderer" preview

Film Score

Summer 2013

In Her Footsteps

Tom11 Films, 2013 entry to the Portland 48hr film festival

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keys, synths, banjo


keys, synths, electric guitar, percussion


keys, synths, ukelele